FCA2017 Annual Meet Website

Saturday, September 15, 2018

  • Event Registration
  • Seminars
  • Mercato di Ferrari
  • Welcome Party

Sunday, September 16, 2018

  • FCA Concours and Crystal City Ferrari Show
  • Lunch Receptions in Centerway Square and on the Radisson Patio
  • Seminars
  • Mercato di Ferrari
  • Coppa Bella Macchina
  • Captain Bill’s Dinner Boat Cruise on Seneca Lake

Monday, September 17, 2018

  • Driver’s School at Watkins Glen International
  • Scenic Shell Pleasure Drive through Finger Lakes wine country
  • Various area activities
  • Pre-dinner reception, Mercato and Seminars at Radisson Hotel

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

  • Track Event at Watkins Glen International
  • Shell Competitive Rally through Finger Lakes Region
  • Mercato di Ferrari at track
  • Coppa GT competition
  • Various area activities
  • Gala Awards Banquet at Corning Museum of Glass

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

  • Track Event at Watkins Glen International
  • Various area activities

Thursday, September 20, 2018

  • Extra Track day at Watkins Glen International

Concours d'Elegance

The FCA 2018 Concours d'Elegance and Coppa Bella Macchina will be held on Sunday, September 16th on historic Market St. in downtown Corning.

Cars will be staged along both sides of Market St. extending from the Radisson Hotel to well past Centerway Square. This event will be open to the public. Private lunch receptions for all F1/F2 Event attendees will be held between 11 AM until 2 PM both on the Radisson Patio and at Centerway Square.

Cars and trailers can be parked in the public parking areas just to the north of the Radisson Hotel.

Concours Entry
To enter your car in the Concours, for judging, or "display only", you must purchase either an F1 or F2 package.
Special note: For 2018 only, F3 registrants can also display their Ferraris on Market St. by separately registering for the "Crystal City Ferrari Show", which is combined with the FCA Concours. Click on the "CCFS" button above for more information.

Download IAC/PFA Guidelines for Concours entrants. (This is a new document for 2018 to assist FCA members preparing to enter the Concours.)

Cars will be placed on Market St. between 6:30 am and 9:00 am on Sunday, September 16th and judging will take place from 9 a.m. until noon. Class awards will be presented on the stage in Centerway Square about 2pm.

Cars must remain on the field until after the class awards ceremony has completed, at about 3pm.

Download a copy of the full presentation on the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT and Futuro Classico.

Concours Events

Concours Seminar 2018 at Corning

Download the Concours Seminar Presentation








Judged Concours    

For Ferraris that are at least 5 years old (built on or before September 16, 2018). They will be judged against a standard for originality and authenticity. If you are interested in knowing how original/authentic your Ferrari is, please enter your Ferrari(s) for the Concours when you register for the Meet. (Note: Car must achieve 97 points or better to win a Platino)
For full details about Judging: Download the Concours Judging Guidelines.

Preservation Class

For Ferraris that are at least 30 years old (built on or before September 16, 1988) and have been kept as original as possible.

Cars can enter for either the regular concours class judging OR for preservation judging, but not both. Note that cars in the Preservation Class are held to a different standard than in regular Concours Class judging. In the Preservation Class the priority is given more to unrestored originality and less to overall condition. Therefore while a particular car might be penalized for a deteriorated condition in the regular Concours Class, that same car's deficiencies are less likely to be penalized in the Preservation Class, enabling an unrestored car to score higher in the Preservation Class than it might in the regular Concours Class.

It is recognized that most cars have had some repair over the years and we are looking to see how much care was taken to preserve as much of the original paint or interior as possible.  Download Preservation Class Guidance

Futuro Classico

For Ferraris less than five years old (built September 17, 2018 or later). Judges will evaluate these cars for total originality with all the options and accessories that came with the car. Successful entrants will receive a certificate and a complete photo record for future reference and to confirm authenticity. A maximum of 10 entries are accepted each year. You are advised to sign up early. Download Futuro Classico Evaluation Guidelines


Coppa Events

Coppa Bella Macchina

This is a 100% pass or fail test to see if everything on your Ferrari operates as it should, both while parked and while being driven over a short road course. Only cars that first receive a platinum award in the Concours earlier in the day will be judged in the Coppa Bella Macchina.

Requirement - Entrants must receive 97 points or higher (Platinum) in the Concours or Preservation Class before they are eligible to compete in the CBM.

To enter the Coppa Bella Macchina, you must sign up for both the Judged Concours and the Coppa Bella Macchina when you register for the Meet. Note that entries for the CBM are limited so you are advised to sign up early. Download Coppa Bella Macchina Competition Rules and Test Requirements.

The Coppa Bella Macchina evaluation and road test will take place starting at 3:30 pm on Sunday at a designated area near Market St.

Coppa GT

The Coppa GT Award is the highest award an individual can receive at the FCA Annual Meet. To qualify to compete for this award, the car must first receive a platinum award in the Concours and then must pass the Coppa Bella Macchina evaluation. In the Coppa GT, the car's owner must demonstrate his/her driving capabilities on the track, taking the car into consideration. No more than three (3) Coppa GTs are awarded each year. A newer car with more modern equipment will not have an advantage over an older Ferrari. To enter this competition, be sure to check the boxes for Concours judging, Coppa Bella Macchina and Coppa GT. Download Coppa GT Scoring Criteria.

Requirement - Platinum in the Class Judging and 100% pass in the CBM is required to move on to the CGT.

You must have an F1 package to compete in Coppa GT. 

In addition, here is a great Prancing Horse article by Michael Kelly, winner of the Coppa GT in 2016, and a Forza magazine article on what it is like to compete for the Coppa GT at an FCA Annual Meet.

The Coppa GT evaluation will take place on Tuesday, September 18th starting at 1:00 pm.

The Ed Gilbertson
“Ferrari's are Meant To Be Driven” Award

This prestigious award recognizes the active club member who regularly drives his or her car and most exemplifies Ed Gilbertson’s philosophy that "Ferraris are Meant to be Driven". To be considered for this award you must be nominated by your FCA Regional Director. Read More

Major Concours Awards

All cars that receive a platinum award are automatically eligible to be considered for one of the major awards announced at the Awards Banquet on Tuesday night.

General Concours information

For further information concerning the Concours event, contact Dave North at davenorth73@gmail.com