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Ferrari Market Letter

The Ferrari Market Letter was founded by Ferrari enthusiast and historian Gerald Roush. The legacy continues with Gerald's daughter, Cathy Roush as publisher and Jim Weed as editor. It is independent and not affiliated with any other commercial Ferrari venture or club. It is published approximately every two weeks but definitely 26 times a year. Publication began with the 3 January 1976 issue, making 2018 our 43rd year of publication.

In 1997 a companion online edition, www.ferrarimarketletter.com, was introduced. The online edition contains all of the text material of the print edition plus color photos and is updated when the print edition is published, i.e. approximately every two weeks but definitely 26 times a year.

From an original modest subscription list of 131, the FML has grown to have, print and online, over 5,000 readers worldwide. It is widely accepted as the bible on the Ferrari market with over 200 classified ads offering Ferraris for sale in each issue as well as being highly respected for its informative articles, in-depth auction reports and the Asking Price Index.

We are proud to once again be a sponsor of the FCA International Meet.

If you’re selling a Ferrari, buying a Ferrari, or interested in Ferrari Parts, Accessories, Literature or Memorabilia … the FERRARI MARKET LETTER is for YOU!

Contact us for a free back issue; for free access to a previous issue online, one is available at www.ferrarimarketletter.com (click on the issue number under “SNEAK PEEK”). Subscriptions start at $50 for six months online. Call us Monday through Friday (9 to 5 Eastern time) at 770-381-1993 or e-mail us at ferrarimarketletter@gmail.com.